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Who is the Bush Tucker Man?

Major Hiddins served in the Army in Vietnam and was later tasked by the ADF to catalogue all of the edible plants in far north Queensland, which he did working with Aboriginal people from the area – who gave him the nickname “The Bush Tucker Man”.

In 1988, the ABC turned Major Hiddins’ research into a television show featuring him as the host and the aptly named show The Bush Tucker Man, with three seasons beamed into Australian homes.

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Most Common Bush Tucker

Dessert Lime

Any kind of lime tree makes a superb addition to an urban garden, but desert lime also has the benefit of being native to Australia. Its grape-sized fruit have an intense citrus flavour and can be used whole, skin and all, instead of normal limes in just about any

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Lemon Myrtle

This could easily be the most versatile of native plants. Lemon myrtle a cosmetic ingredient, a spice, and also a popular ornamental. It’s an attractive flowering shrub that’s very hardy and will grow well in most gardens. The leaves have a nice lemony flavour and can be used fresh

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The native peach, quandong, has a slightly tart and peachy flavour. Its bright-red fruit are much smaller than the peaches we know, but they make up for their modest size with a rich content of vitamin C. If you don’t manage to eat all the fruit or turn them

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